Sustainable Furniture

It’s critical that we protect our natural resources and global ecosystems!


We all need to take action now!

Sustainability has always been a big issue in the furniture industry. It is vital we safeguard our natural resources and global ecosystems in order to provide for the health and well-being of future generations. That is why the strong ethics surrounding our supply chains and purchasing is so critical. Long term sustainability is critical not only for planet but for also us as a company.

Our student accommodation customers will see this through our efforts to procure ethically-sourced student furniture. And for our bedroom furniture we make ourselves, this whole operation is within Greater Manchester, thus avoiding all the environmental implications of shipping in furniture from Brazil, China and from elsewhere around the globe.

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We’ve recently taken our sustainability credentials one step further, and we have just introduced a new sustainable crib 5 waterproof mattress to the market. It’s made from 95% recycled materials, and we’re aiming to get this to over 98%.
Better still, it is also 100% fully recyclable. Mattresses are a particularly nasty product to dispose of and we’re proud to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

Where possible we use only materials that are sustainable, and our production processes are designed to minimise waste. We also use recycled and reused materials when possible.

Sustainable Furniture
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