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Fusion offer Quality & Confidence

Fusion Student Living offers an extensive selection of furniture, whether you are a student housing provider, landlord, PBSA or a student HMO, we can, and will, meet your precise requirements, our furniture is designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. Should you need beds, mattresses, desks, wardrobes, sofas, or any other household item, Fusion has the whole spectrum of student accommodation covered. And lets not forget, in addition to our Student Bedroom Furniture, we also offer Living Room Furniture and Dining Furniture.

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And don’t forget, it needs to stand out

Secondly, as a landlord, you want to make your student property appealing to tenants, so making sure that there is enough furniture in the place will add to the property’s rental appeal. Also modern students expect more out of their living environments, and they want to be living in a student accommodation that is sleek, comfortable, and feels like home, and the furniture plays a crucial role in this. However, no matter what the appearance of your student accommodation, Fusions range of contract furniture is designed to fit in with both your building and the comfort of your students, also maximising space and style for every room.

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Similarity, it has to be Attractive, durable and safe furniture

Thirdly we have all the essentials for furnishing your accommodation with attractive, durable, safe furniture, all comes with a warranty and Crib 5 approved. In addition, what you will also find is we provide a selection of finishes, this ends up ensuring you get fashionable furniture which is quality made but also within your budget. And just in case you missed it, each product comes with its own descriptions, this covers warranties, dimensions and features, costs, quantities, and materials.

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Attractive, durable, safe furniture

And don’t forget, one of our main aims is, making sure that you are not overwhelmed by calls and emails, or having to spend half of your afternoon buying replacement furniture every six months. Above all we offer excellent back-up and replacement parts services, including refitting, for replacing furniture that might be damaged during use. So with this in mind, our customer service is second to none! So whether you have any questions about our wide range of products or installation services, our team is ready to help you every step of the way. In other words, we know that a quality end-to-end experience is vital if you’re looking for furniture solutions in today’s demanding market – and we aim to provide exactly that!

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In conclusion, just remember, top quality Student Furniture Packages can save you time and money, everything you need is here at Fusion Living!



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