Helping reduce the mattress-landfill problem one mattress at a time.

Introducing our new sustainable mattress range.

There are over 7 million mattresses chucked into landfill, just within the UK each year. And mattresses, particularly due to their metal springs, are a particularly nasty product to end up in landfill. Supported by the government, the NBF (National Bed Federation) has a target of 75% of all mattresses diverted from landfill by 2028.

In line with the broader UK statistics, the majority of mattresses from the student accommodation sector also end up in landfill. And for a long time it has also been common to use contract mattresses with a short lifespan, which are cost-effective, but need replacing on a more frequent basis.

Here at Fusion Furniture, we have introduced a new sustainable mattress to help combat this problem – our ‘ReForm’ mattress range. Each line within the ReForm range is made from over 95% recycled materials, and better still, they are all 100% fully recyclable. Our foam zipped version takes things a step further, as it has a zippable cover which can be replaced, further helping to save money and the environment.

We really believe this is the way we should all be going from an environmental perspective, but the great thing is, this can now also be more cost-effective, as well as causing less disruption for students. Please get in touch if interested in more information in our ReForm range, or other similar eco-friendly products that we’re introducing.


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