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Fusion Student Living Bedroom

Our bedroom range provides both durability and long-lasting comfort, whilst also offering a selection of designs to appeal to a variety of tastes and price-points. Of particular importance are our new sustainable ‘ReFORM’ eco-friendly crib 5 foam mattresses. This solution has long been needed across the Student market and now our ‘ReFORM’ contract mattresses offer a way to reduce the terrible impact of disposing of mattresses into landfill. They are over 95% constructed from recycled materials and better still, are 100% fully recyclable. Plus our foam mattresses last longer than the usual open coil sprung mattresses, so can be replaced less often, causing less disruption and saving money. Our zipped ‘ReFORM’ mattresses take things a step further, as just the covers can be replaced, further supporting your sustainability efforts, whilst also reducing costs considerably.


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