Bedroom Furniture Packages

The Benefits of Furniture Packs for Landlords of Student Accommodation

In the competitive market of student accommodation, leveraging furniture packs can be a savvy strategy for landlords. These comprehensive furniture solutions streamline the property setup process while offering substantial advantages to enhance your property’s appeal, financial returns, and overall management efficiency. Let’s delve into the benefits of incorporating furniture packs into your student accommodation offerings, supported by statistics.

1. Time and Hassle Savings: Statistics reveal that landlords typically spend around 27 hours sourcing, purchasing, and arranging furniture for a single rental property. Opting for furniture packs eradicates this time-consuming process, allowing you to allocate your time more effectively towards property management tasks and tenant relations1.

2. Improved Tenant Attraction: Research indicates that furnished student accommodations boast significantly higher occupancy rates compared to unfurnished ones—reaching up to 75% in some cases2. This underscores students’ appreciation for the convenience and cost savings of not needing to invest in or transport their own furniture.

3. Financial Benefits: Furniture packs can result in a potential rental premium of 15-20%3. This translates to not only recovering the initial investment but also enjoying increased rental income over the long term. Moreover, the ability to consistently charge higher rents due to furnished accommodations helps offset the impact of seasonal fluctuations in student demand.

4. Seamless Style and Cohesion: Studies reveal that cohesive and stylish interiors contribute to higher tenant satisfaction and longer tenancy durations4. Expertly curated furniture packs ensure a consistent and appealing aesthetic throughout the property, eliminating concerns about mismatched styles and creating an attractive living environment for students.

5. Reduced Vacancy Periods: The time between tenancies can result in significant revenue loss. The efficiency of furniture packs aids in reducing property vacancy periods after a tenant leaves. On average, furnished properties tend to experience a 50% shorter vacancy period compared to unfurnished ones5.

6. Compliance and Accessibility: Landlords are legally obligated to provide accessible accommodations for students with disabilities. Selecting furniture packs designed to meet these needs ensures compliance with regulations while fostering an inclusive living space.

7. Environmental Impact: Within these packs, energy-efficient and sustainable furniture options align with the growing demand for eco-friendly living spaces among students. This can enhance your property’s marketability and appeal to environmentally-conscious tenants.

Incorporating furniture packs into your student accommodation strategy significantly enhances your property’s competitiveness, profitability, and overall appeal. When selecting a furniture pack, consider factors such as room size, style compatibility, furniture quality, and available warranties to make an informed choice that maximizes your returns.

In the dynamic landscape of student rentals, furniture packs emerge as a strategic tool that caters to tenant needs and propels your property to the forefront of the market.




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